Dental Emotional Intelligence Programme - aspiredental

Dental Emotional Intelligence Programme (DEIP)

This course will demonstrate how you can communicate more effectively, connect with others more powerfully, and command greater influence – how to be compelling (with your patients and everyone else around you).

We will explore the notion of emotional intelligence – what it means, how it is measured, where you fit on the spectrum, and how it is the biggest determinant of success and effectiveness when it comes to communicating with people and patients.

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Date: TBC
  • Cost: £1,190 + VAT
  • Location/Venue: Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London

We will look at how individuals (including your patients) are programmed to respond to non-verbal cues, and we will show you how you can increase your charisma and personal presence, and how you can develop spontaneity, flexibility and range of expression so as to be able to make stronger connections. We will highlight research that shows how we all can connect with our patients in far deeper and more purposeful ways, and we will then provide a clear and useful framework of power cues that will help increase and enhance your personal impact.

You will also learn about personality types, how to uncover hidden emotions, and how to decode what your patients are really feeling. We will walk through and role play specific patient scenarios and interactions and we will provide you with a toolkit to help you navigate through difficult situations.

You will be taught:

  • What it means to be emotionally intelligent, and how to develop in these areas
  • The science of and behind first impressions, and how to be skilled in them
  • The power of non-verbal cues, and how to manage your non-verbal’s effectively
  • How to handle tough situations with heightened confidence and flexibility
  • How to build and strengthen your relationships
  • How to decode faces and emotions, and then appropriately respond to these emotions
  • How to express yourself dramatically and motivate others through the power of story
  • How to detect and manage difficult and problematic patients before agreeing to treat them
Truly effective dentists and leaders are distinguished by high degrees of emotional intelligence. What is it? How is it measured? How emotionally intelligent are you? What areas do you need to develop?
What can you do to improve your ability to connect with your patients (from a confidence, warmth and authenticity point of view)? How can you be a compelling person and dentist?
We decide if we like someone, if we trust someone, and if we want a relationship with someone within the first thirty seconds of meeting them. How can you become more aware of the conversation that your body is having with others around you? What do people see, what do they hear – what are the cues, triggers and pulls?
When we judge others—especially those in positions of power and responsibility (like Doctors and Dentists)— we look at two characteristics – warmth and strength. How do/should we project warmth and strength so that we can build stronger relationships?
Decoding is about looking for the emotional intent behind the words. Does someone’s stated emotions match their visible emotions? We will explore congruency, connection, and speed. Spotting Emotions and Reactions and responding to these Emotions and Reactions – Will involve scenarios and role plays. How do we/should we respond to what we’ve just uncovered – now that we understand what somebody is feeling? How to Crack Someone’s Personality – what personality type are you? Knowing what personality trait your patient has (or is) will allow you to tailor your interaction/conversation towards them in the most effective way. We’ll help you develop the skills necessary to inspire confidence, command respect, and build credibility, ultimately leading to reduced stress, reduce risk of litigation and an increase in revenue.