Advanced Operative Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry UK

Advanced Operative Aesthetic
Restorative Dentistry

We all want our dentistry to look beautiful and aesthetic, we want to have the confidence and clinical skill to enhance a patients smile, be able to deal with different clinical scenarios and produce work to a high standard both anteriorly and posteriorly.

Learn how to do this predictably and consistently with our unique

“Hands-On Operative Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Course”

Dentistry is the artistic delivery of a scientific subject but one does not need to be an artist to make dentistry beautiful. However, the dentist must obtain a certain set of skills in order to produce aesthetic functional dentistry.

Course Details

  • No.of places: 72 (4 Groups)
  • Duration:12 Days (1 day per month)
  • Cost: £7,020 + VAT
  • Location/Venue: LonDec, London
  • Starts: October 2019

Course Description